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Yestin Floyd

is an Afro-Latin

Filmmaker based in

Compton, California. The LA Native

grew a relationship with film as he spent

most of his time with his two sisters and their

Mother's camera recorder making stop motion

videos with barbie dolls and toy action figures.

                      Floyd is a first place recipient of the                                                Martin Roth Foundation Screenplay awarded                                to him through graduation of the ICF program


   In 2013. Justin has produced and directed      a series of defining shorts. One landed  him      at The Oscars stage in 2015 as part of         Team Oscar. In 2016, he was selected out    of thousands of filmmakers to attend the   Sundance Film Festival as part of Sundance Ignite. 


making him 1 of 5 participants of the Warner Brothers

Emerging Directors' workshop. At the workshop, 

he had the opportunity to direct his short film

"RESURRECT", acquired by HBO GO. The

most recent installment to Justin’s

collection of films was shot in

Valle De Chalco, Mexico City.

His passion for telling stories

about parents shaping our

self-image as children makes 

the upcoming project more

personal to him. He is

expecting to present

the project in



                           Then, in 2017, Justin was 

selected for his short "The Forgotten Oar",