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is an Afro-Latin

writer and director,

focused on telling indie-commercial

driven stories. The LA Native grew a relationship

with film as he spent most of his time with his two

sisters and their Mother's camera recorder making stop motion

videos with dolls. His short film, THE CENTER, landed him on stage at the                         Academy Awards in 2015 as a winner of “Team Oscar”.                                He is also a 2016 Sundance Ignite Fellow. In 2017, Justin                                  Floyd was named a Warner Bros. Emerging Film                                       Director and his short film, RESURRECT was acquired                                by HBO. In 2018, he co-founded the SFS Film Festival,                                    which has supported over a hundred emerging                                         film-makers. Justin was declared a 2019 STATE                                        SENATE and CONGRESSIONAL RECEIPIENT.

                                 Floyd is also a 2021 PANAVISION Grant

                            recipient. He is a 2021 LATINO FILM

                          INSTITUTE / NETFLIX FELLOW 

                    through his award winning short

QUINCEAÑERO. Floyd is a first place

recipient of the Martin Roth Foundation

Screenplay awarded to him through

graduation of the ICF program.. Most

recently Justin Floyd wrote and directed

MALLEABLE through Hillman Grad’s

Indeed Rising Voices Program. Which

later went on to screen in theatres in front

of Jordan Peel’s NOPE and received a


at the 2023 Academy Awards


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